Ross, the Un-Agency

    = Un-Conventional Methodology

         = Un-Paralleled Success

Conventional media wisdom works just fine if you have the budget of General Motors or Coca-Cola.


But, if you have a limited budget, those utilizing conventional media wisdom will tell you that you don't have enough money to advertise or they will take your money and fail.


Ross utilizes Un-Conventional media methodologies to apply limited budgets on TV (broadcast, cable, satellite & other ADS) and radio, and has an Un-Paralleled track record of success.


The next two pages on this web site, 'Price Buying' and 'Spot Placement' give a brief explanation, in everyday language that makes sense, of how and why Ross media methodology has delivered measurable return on investment for advertisers in a wide variety of categories.


The following 'Creative' page top lines the equally important benefits of Ross Advertising creative.  It is essential to limited budget advertisers that we provide a comprehensive, hard hitting advertising campaign with hands on involvement from the top in all functions.  We pride ourselves by treating our clients' money as if it were our own.


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