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Ross Advertising's "hybrid" approach just works better.  I know because I tested their "hybrid" approach head-to-head against a leading traditional agency.  The test results weren't even close -- Ross Advertising killed it for us.  So I hired Ross Advertising to drive all of my TV media buying.

As President of a start-up, I have thrown a ton of curve balls and constraints at Ross Advertising.  What I get back from them is steady partnership, focused on driving robust acquisition volumes for my business.  I value their partnership, and they continuously amaze me with their knowledge, professionalism, and ability to deliver results. 

Mike Armstrong

President, ZestFinance



… BTW I said something nice about David today to our Board.  One of our board members ... commented on how good the current radio spot is.  I asked why he thought it was any different from the others.  He said that I was much more personable and convincing.  I gave the credit where it was due - that was all David - he directed me through it.


Mark Baraghimian

President, Danmer Custom Shutters



Ross handled the advertising for Popeyes in Los Angeles for 14 years, up until January 2009.  At that time, Corporate Popeyes consolidated all advertising funds for national cable television under one agency, releasing all regional agencies.


During those 14 years, Ross negotiated television rates, gained free time and scheduled television spots in a manner that helped us succeed, while our ad budgets were dwarfed by our major competitors’ budgets.  Los Angeles was most often among the broadcast market leaders in the country for sales and check average increases.  We consistently grew our sales allowing us to maintain market share against KFC and El Pollo Loco.


Howard Mangen

President, Popeyes Los Angeles Marketing Co-op



Over the years, we were repeatedly told by other agencies that we did not have enough funds to advertise effectively on TV in the Los Angeles market.  Every time, Ross Advertising found a way to do what others couldn’t.  The first time this happened we gave Ross a 90 day trial that ended up lasting several years and causing double digit sales growth year after year!  


Rod Jarboe

Former President, United Franchise Owners

---------------------Franchisor of Pioneer Chicken

Former President, Popeyes LA Marketing Co-op



I hired David for years because he CARED for our success....and continued to prove it throughout our very demanding expectations for profitable (and positive) results. Yeah, we argued like Siamese Twins who had a live-or-die bond, but I never doubted his genuineness or intelligence. BTW, he didn't ask me for any endorsement; he just deserves it.


Jeffrey Ullman

Founder/Former CEO, Great Expectations (video dating)



As a small business owner, I have been buying local and mass market media for about 10 years and have had several relationships with media buyers.  My current relationship with Ross Advertising has been the most beneficial one.  David Ross initially approached me about three years before we actually started doing business together.  During this time, I was using a different organization to buy the media.  David waited (not so) patiently on the sidelines, calling every few months to see how we were doing and to see if we might consider making a change to his firm.  What I liked about this interaction was the consistency of his follow up and also the determination which he showed to garner a new client.  I thought both of these were great traits to have in a media buyer.


It turns out that these traits are very valuable.  The rates on the media we have bought over the past several years have been extremely advantageous to the business.  David is extremely diligent in fighting for the best possible rates for his clients and he has been playing the advertising game for a long time.  He has plenty of experience and a good gut feel for what will work and what won't with the media companies.  Finally Rick Perry is my account manager and is excellent to work with as well.  Both Rick and David are "can do" types that do not take no for an answer.  I have already recommended them to numerous business associates I have and would recommend them to you as well.


Kevin DiCerbo

Owner, Celibré



Ross Advertising killed it for us, with consistent double digit sales

increases!  With our small budget in Los Angeles, they really overdelivered and made it seem like our budget was twice as much as it was.  On top of that, Rick and David are really good guys and know exactly what they are talking about.


Matt Cunningham

Arby's Franchisee



Ross Advertising helped me with my television advertising.  Both David Ross and Rick Perry are creative and informative.  They were able to get me great prices and helped me with placing my ad in the "smartest" positions.  I highly recommend their services.


Robin Jacobs

Law Office of Robin Jacobs


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