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Work Trauma Hotline – “Marbles” & “Choo Choo Stress”


“Marbles” and “Choo Choo Stress” utilize captivating visuals while using the audio to laundry list symptoms.  These executions quadrupled the calls generated without changes to the media plan.  Both of these commercials won LuLu Awards for Best Direct Response commercials.


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Work Trauma Hotline – “Parking Lot Stress”


This commercial is one of the two spots that replaced “Marbles” and “Choo Choo Stress.”  This campaign won a LuLu Award for Best Direct Response commercial and a Telly Award, an international competition, for Best Direct Response commercial.


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Kashi Cereal – “Numbers”


This commercial was used to force retail distribution in the Seattle marketplace for Kashi Cereal.  Its goal, as well as its achievement, was to get enough sample product into the market so that when the promotional offering quantity ran out, consumers would ask for it in their neighborhood supermarkets.  It worked!  “Numbers” was a Telly Awards Finalist, an international competition.


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Danmer Custom Shutters – "Improve Your Home"


Before Ross, Danmer went through three ad agencies without success on television.  They used shutter footage shot in palatial homes, giving the impression of a very expensive product.  These commercials were backed by conventional media implementations.


We shot new footage of more average homes with Danmer Shutters, emphasized value and applied the message with Ross media methodology with great success until the economy faltered in 2008.


Click to see: "Improve Your Home"


Danmer Custom Shutters – “A Nicer Place”


One of the side effects of the 2008 recession was that homes were not being bought and sold – people were staying in the homes they had.  We simply made a slight change to our creative message, stating that Danmer has shutters for every budget and declaring, “Make Your Home A Nicer Place” as the new brand positioning.  We not only survived the recession in a large ticket product category, but are surpassing pre-recession sales.


Click to see: “A Nicer Place”


Jacoby & Meyers California Legal Network –

                                                       "It's About Time" & "Auto Accident"


"It's About Time" and "Auto Accident" feature the return of Len Jacoby (Founder) to the television advertising. When Ross Advertising landed this account in 2011, we started with media implementations only. Running existing commercials, Ross media lowered the cost per call generated by 58%. These two new Ross commercials lowered the cost per call by an additional 60% on the same media schedules.


Click to see: "It's About Time"

Click to see: "Auto Accident"


Popeyes Chicken & Biscuits – “Beach Towel”


This commercial backed a successful self liquidating promotion.  80,000 towels were moved through 70 Los Angeles area restaurants and military base restaurants.  “Beach Towel” was a Vision Awards National Finalist and a Summit Creative Awards Bronze Award winner.


Click to see: “Beach Towel”


Popeyes Chicken & Biscuits – “This Chicken Is Great”


KFC had just launched a new national positioning line, “Isn’t It Time For Some Really Good Chicken?”  To combat the competition, we repositioned Popeyes with, “This Chicken Is Great” in remakes of the furnished brand TV commercials and Ross original radio commercials.


KFC's positioning line was in all of their advertising.  It was also engrained in their packaging.  In only five months KFC abandoned their line from coast to coast.  Our success was driven by Los Angeles only advertising, in that five month period.  During the time of these chicken wars, our Los Angeles comp sales increased by double digit percentages.  This was accomplished on a fraction of the advertising dollars that KFC spent.


The radio commercials were Silver Microphone Awards National Finalists in three categories, Best Talent, Best Copywriting and Restaurant / Fast Food.


Click to see: “This Chicken Is Great”

Click to hear: “Great Food With Attitude”

Click to hear: “Bland Isn’t Really Good”

Click to hear: “Why Settle For Less Than Great”


Popeyes Chicken & Biscuits – “Brand As Cajun”


Popeyes President called to re-brand Popeyes as ‘Cajun’.  The national creative agency was having trouble with the project and had not delivered after many months.  Ross could not wait any longer to come through for the President and the Los Angeles Marketing Co-op.  LA sales had hit a brick wall.


Realizing that any branding as ‘Cajun’ developed by Ross could conflict with whatever the national agency would eventually conceive, we drew upon our experience with automotive advertising to apply to Popeyes.  In automotive, the national brand defines and advertises the product.  Locally, they advertise the dealer group.


We did not define ‘Cajun’.  We simply branded Popeyes as ‘California’s Cajun Capital’, in a holding pattern until the national branding finally came through.  During this period, Popeyes in Los Angeles returned to double digit comp sales increases.


“Brand As Cajun” was a three time National Finalist for the Vision Awards; Best Talent, Best Copywriting / Concept and Best Restaurant, Fast Food.


Click to see: “Brand As Cajun”


Law Offices of J. Russell Brown – “Motorcycle Graveyard”


The Law Offices of J. Russell Brown has been a Ross client since 1988.  They have advertised with continuity from the beginning.  Motorcycle graveyard was one of three commercials in their first campaign.  Essentially, it showed the attorney as a rider himself.


Click to see: “Motorcycle Graveyard”


Law Offices of J. Russell Brown – “Lifestyle”


This commercial was done some 20 years after Motorcycle Graveyard.  Russ Brown’s advertising, which started in Los Angeles, is now in 10 television markets from coast to coast.  “Lifestyle” was a Vision Awards National Finalist and a LuLu Awards Finalist.


Click to see: “Lifestyle”


Law Offices of J. Russell Brown – "You'll Go Down"


When a campaign works, it works! "You'll Go Down" is the first new Russ Brown commercial since 1998. In 2011 "Lifestyle" was still working. However, we needed a new commercial for two reasons. First, we did not have a commercial for the new generation of TVs. Second, Russ Brown now has two partners. As Russ stated, "They deserve to be on TV."


Click to see: "You'll Go Down"


The Mattress Store – “Memorial Day 2010 Sale”


The retail mattress category in Los Angeles is very crowded.  The four main competitors feature the presidents as their brand persona.  All of these presidents are men.  To distinguish The Mattress Store, we utilized a professional female announcer.


The Mattress Store exclusively sells Serta Mattresses.  We capitalized on the equity Serta has established over the years with their national branding that utilizes counting sheep.  At The Mattress Store, as tagged by our announcer holding a stuffed animal sheep, “You Can Count On Us For A Great Night’s Sleep.”


Click to see: "Memorial Day 2010 Sale"

Remco Rent To Own – “Washer and Dryer”


This commercial helped Ross Advertising obtain every Remco Rent To Own franchised market in America.  It was advertising magic.  This approach propelled the retail rent to own company with telephone inquiries.  The idea was simple; approximately 90% of the rental transaction can be accomplished on the telephone, up to the point of signing the rental agreement and making a down payment.  This made it possible for the stores to take the perspective customer off of the market, fix them to item and price and get them to drive past competitors’ stores for an appointment.


Click to see: “Washer and Dryer”


Eastwick Insurance – “Hammered”


This honey of a little spot ran for 7 years.  The whimsy of the toy cars and music set the stage for the little cars to be smashed by a hammer, all in good fun.  We believe that this commercial is one of the most intrusive television commercials ever made.  Give it a look.  We bet you can’t take your eyes off of it.


Click to see: “Hammered”


Men’s Clothiers – “Half A Suit”


“Get fully dressed for ½ the price” really says it all.


Click to see: “Half A Suit”



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