Price Buying

One Of The Very Few 'Deal Shops'

All media rates are highly negotiable; broadcast & cable TV, radio, outdoor, skywriting and everything in between – by as much as 300%.  All advertising agencies and media buying services know this - at least should know this.


Ross Advertising is a 'Deal Shop' for General Market and Hispanic media.  David Ross personally negotiates media every quarter, with sales managers, not account executives or rep firms.  Sales managers know where the bottom is and they are authorized to write in the orders.


David used to sell media time.  He knows as much, or more, as those selling the time and space know about their inventories.  This levels the playing field and takes about 95% of the BS out of the negotiation.


We are in a relationship business.  The station managers of today were the sales managers of yesterday.  The sales managers of today were the account executives of yesterday.  David has been building relationships in the advertising industry since 1978.  David is a hard negotiator, but he is never unreasonable.  He never asks something of the sales manager that can’t be done.  There is a mutual respect between Ross Advertising and the media.


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