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Ross Advertising, Inc., established in 1986, specializes in lead generation for service businesses and retail advertising.  We are known to be one of the best broadcast spot buying advertising agencies in the business, making big things happen for large and small budget advertisers. We regularly deliver 2-3 times the amount of television, radio and cable time that conventional media wisdom says is possible for the money spent.


Besides our price buying expertise, we practice hybrid scheduling techniques that concentrate the impressions for more controlled frequency, which generates the most cost efficient leads for direct response advertisers or more strongly drives retail store traffic.


The basis of our media capability is David Ross’ unique retail background as a broadcaster, selling media time.  David’s experience allows him to short circuit stations’ selling strategies to achieve the least expensive deals and most favorable spot placements for Ross clients.


We are a full service advertising agency.  Ross creative makes the most of limited commercial time.  Ross creative breaks through the commercial clutter, making the most of every impression.  We believe it is not only possible to convey brand imagery and product/price value within the confines of 30 or 60 seconds, but a necessity on limited budgets.  We produce TV and radio commercials for a fraction of what most would expect to pay.  Our years of experience have provided the means for us to develop a creative formula that hits on all cylinders.  Ross creative is time proven to be strategically correct for driving measurable and ongoing sales increases.


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